Posted: October 15, 2013

Lantiq and Netgem today announced HYBRIDGE, the world’s first combined xDSL and LTE Residential Gateway. The rising need to access high-definition video streams, including on-demand and OTT content, on multiple screens leads to an ever growing demand for bandwidth that is not always available to all consumers on existing copper networks.

HYBRIDGE addresses this demand by combining xDSL and LTE WAN, which enables aggregated bandwidths reaching up to 200 Mbps at home.  HYBRIDGE is a high-end VDSL gateway that includes the Lantiq DSLTE™ technology – based on the latest AnyWan™ GRX300 Network processor family. On this platform, the Netgem Quattuor advanced LTE mobile hotspot can be docked to provide the additional bandwidth.

Key benefits

  • Bandwidth up to 200 Mbps downstream and up to 100 Mbps upstream: With HYBRIDGE, carriers can offer up to 200 Mbps aggregated download throughput – and 100 Mbps aggregated upload throughput – with flawless Quality-of-Service (QoS) and minimum investment, controlled by a software based traffic management suite
  • Efficient multiscreen content delivery everywhere: The aggregated DSL and LTE WAN bandwidth enables several HD video streams simultaneously in any location, even in areas where the wire line service is ADSL only, not VDSL. In addition HYBRIDGE offers Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and Dual Band Concurrent 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi to support fluid distribution of the content to multiple devices in the Home.
  • A modular and versatile platform enabling new fixed / mobile internet bundles: as a special feature, the LTE module can be separated from the Gateway and can be used as a stand-alone mobile LTE Hotspot. With a single product and subscription pack, operators’ customers can benefit both from an ultra-fast broadband at home and from the best mobile internet when On-the-Go.

Dirk Wieberneit, Head of the Customer Premises Equipment Business Unit of Lantiq said “Telecom operators all over the world are looking for ways to boost the data rates they can offer to their fixed-line subscribers with minimum investment. We are excited that together with Netgem we can now offer this first DSLTE™ product, which will help carriers to achieve this goal. With our large footprint in the DSL Gateway domain and the rapidly emerging market for Residential LTE Gateways it was a logical step for us to combine both technologies.”

David Remaud, Head of Mobility Business Line for Netgem said “With more than 15 years of experience delivering connected home services in hybrid environments, we have a strong belief that technologies need to be combined to address the surge of both multi-screen and high quality video services. We are particularly proud to partner with Lantiq to develop this breakthrough DSLTE™ Residential Gateway. With HYBRIDGE, operators will be able to provide a fluid and high quality multi-screen video experience to any subscribers anywhere.”

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