Posted: December 27, 2011

Kuwait December 21st: In a long anticipated move, Kuwait Telecommunication Company VIVA is pleased to announce the commercial launch the Fourth Generation (4G) using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology with internet speed up to 100 Mbps, as the first operator in Kuwait, enabling customers to benefit of this advanced and sophisticated technology within the reliable and developed VIVA network.

Commenting on this occasion VIVA CEO Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran said that “As VIVA has always been the pioneer in providing customers with the latest in the field of telecommunication, the step taken towards the launch of the LTE technology, for the first time in Kuwait, comes after the company had secured the latest and advanced equipments needed to launch and effectively activate this eagerly awaited technology.” Al Badran added “The LTE technology is rolling fast everywhere in the world and VIVA Kuwait is proud to be the a pioneer in boosting Internet and Mobile Broadband adoption through its exclusive and first to market launch of LTE.”

Al-Badran pointed that the LTE technology will cover selected central areas in Kuwait at the beginning, whereby the network coverage to expand in the near future to cover all areas. He also stressed that VIVA will continue investing in the advanced (LTE) technology over the coming period, to cope with the latest broadband technologies and to meet the customers’ expectation and to lead the development of telecommunication sector in Kuwait.

With this new technology, the customers will get the fastest & most reliable internet services in Kuwait in various packages, and it allows clients, individuals and corporate, to transfer data at a wider range and at high speed up to 100 Mbps on their laptops and other electronic devices due to the reliable infrastructure that VIVA has developed.

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