Posted: November 15, 2011

14th November 2011; Kyiv, Ukraine –Ukraine is moving toward even higher educational standards with direct wireless access for all students, regardless of geographic location or economic situation. The ‘Open World’ project will draw together public and private funds to build a 4G (LTE) network that will reach every student inUkraine. The project will also provide access to a unique educational portal that will help centralise education inUkraine, raising educational standards for those disadvantaged by location and providing a uniform curriculum under which all students can learn either individually or in collaboration with others around the country.

The ‘Open World’ project is just one element of a wider programme of 10 projects, five of which are currently being promoted in a road show in the world’s largest financial centres, aimed at securing increased foreign direct investment into the Ukrainian economic sphere. Each of the featured projects has been designed to provide long-term social benefits whilst offering investors secure and viable opportunities to enter the largest market inEastern Europe.

Ukraine currently holds significant credentials in the education sphere, ranked 4th worldwide for educated workforce and 5th worldwide for number of IT specialists, and as such this project is designed to maximise Ukraine’s human capabilities. Recognising the social and economic importance of education, the State is offering a number of unique guarantees to secure the viability of the project, including: the commissioning of all feasibility studies, provision of required frequency resources, assistance in obtaining permits and licenses and guarantees regarding stability within the regulatory environment pertaining to the project.

By installing cutting-edge technology,Ukraineis future-proofing its educational system, potentially raising the competitiveness of Ukrainian education to its former position of second only to theUKduring the pre-independence period. The current project is focused on providing education but it also holds potential for expansion into other areas such as e-voting, e-certification, e-tax administration as well as quicker response emergency services, traffic management and other functions.

“Ukraine has abundant human potential; ‘Open World’ is all about capitalising on that,” mentioned Vladyslav Kaskiv, Head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine. “Through this project students will be given direct access to not only educational resources but also to each other and to the whole world – it is this open interconnectivity that will carry Ukraine forward into a prosperous future.”

The project will be run in the form of a public-private partnership with the State taking a flexible share of between 5 and 51%. Total estimated required investment for the 4G (LTE) infrastructure and the central educational portal is estimated at 350 million USD and 20 million USD, respectively. A further 80 million USD is required for equipping schools with computers to access the network (which will include a netbook-style device for every student); however, these costs are expected to be met by the State in cooperation with charitable donations.

About InvestUkraine

InvestUkraine is a designated Investment Promotion Unit within the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine. Its principal goal is to provide high quality investor services utilising the one-stop shop mechanism to provide investors with direct personal assistance and guidance throughout the investment process.

InvestUkraine has been formed to provide the maximum level of comfort to investors through the provision of all-round support and custom services.  In order to provide these services InvestUkraine is equipped with an exceptionally well-qualified staff and extensive network of regional branches acrossUkraine.

InvestUkraine is a:

  • Simplified system of cooperation between the Investor, the Ukrainian authorities and the investment opportunity through the one-stop shop mechanism
  • Governmental vehicle for direct investor support, information access and legal advice, high quality consultancy and project integration for strategic investors interested in investing inUkraine
  • Easiest and shortest route from business plan to operational business available to international investors
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