Posted: August 5, 2013

Turkcell continues to invest in its mobile communication infrastructure to offer its customers future technologies. By raising the bar in fourth generation telecommunications (4G) services, it has opened a new door in Turkey’s Internet experience by successfully conducting a test that achieved speeds of around 900 Mbps. Turkcell, which last year raised its mobile Internet speed to 43.2 Mbps by updating its current 3G network via Dual Carrier Internet Technology, also provides its customers with a 1,000Mbps speed opportunity in fiber Internet with its subsidiary Superonline.

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At the press conference held at Turkcell Plaza in Istanbul, the future of fourth generation telecommunication services was tested in a laboratory environment with the guidance of Turkcell technology and Huawei technical support. Turkcell Chief Executive Officer Sureyya Ciliv announced the developments by stating;

“Four years ago, we blazed a trail that changed the lives of many in Turkey, with Internet at the speed of 3G, which brought about the real meaning of mobility. As a result, accessing and sharing information at any time and any place was no longer considered a luxury. Last year, we doubled our mobile Internet speed by renewing our 3G network with Dual Carrier Internet technology and ensured a speed of up to 43.2 Mbps. Also, we provide our customers with 1,000 Mbps fixed Internet speed via Turkcell Superonline. To offer best quality 3G service to our customers, Turkcell has reflected its infrastructure power, obtained as a result of the investments it has made, in order to provide the best experience parallel to its Technologies.

In the tests carried out today, the indicator reached approximately 900Mbps, which set a new record for Turkey, making Turkcell one of the few operators to have achieved such speeds. We wanted to share our work on LTE Advanced or the highest level of 4G technology which will enable these speeds. In an era where the speed margin in mobile Internet has increased daily, we are proud not only to introduce our customers to advancements in technology, but to also be the technology frontier of Turkey.”

Turkcell, which conducted the “the first LTE test of Turkey” in collaboration with Ericsson in 2009, reached a speed of 170 Mbps in the laboratory environment. Then in 2012, again with our business partner Ericsson, we tested services that could be provided on a LTE network in a 3.3 Km square area between Kartal and Maltepe in Istanbul.  And today, Turkcell mobile Internet speeds were tested with LTE Advanced, the technology of the future. At the press conference technology highlights included; the streaming of an HD video at the 4G speed , the Internet site “”, which measured 4G upload and download speed, and successful film downloading scenarios, as well as the viewing of a 3D film at 4G speed.

Yet the detail that attracted the most interest was LTE Advanced Technology, which displayed speeds reaching around 900 Mbps. In the test carried out in lab conditions, the maximum speeds were displayed by downloading a file stored within the server, with the data speed reaching up to 900 Mbps once again signposting “the technology of the future.”

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