Posted: May 6, 2014

Leliwa telecom training company’s official website announced last Tuesday that a brand new tool is available for download. Leliwa LogViewer is the tool for engineers and everyone interested in mobile networks’ air interface signalling, which makes it much easier to analyse signalling traces generated by TEMS Investigation.

TEMS Investigation, by Ascom, is a solution for wireless network drive testing. One of its numerous capabilities is logging the signalling on the mobile networks’ air interface. It supports all major technologies like GSM, UMTS and LTE. A common problem is that the trace captured by TEMS Investigation is difficult to analyse unless opened directly in TEMS Investigation software. Exporting the trace to the text file generates documents with thousands of lines in length. Leliwa LogViewer reduces the amount of time needed to go through the trace by generating a list of signalling messages with timestamps, linked to their respective content. The tool views an generated in advance HTML document which can be opened with virtually every web browser on any operating system. Thanks to this approach the text logfile can be viewed with Leliwa LogViewer in a manner similar to viewing an original signalling logfile in TEMS Investigation.

Leliwa LogViewer 3.4 screenshots

Leliwa LogViewer was designed for participants of Leliwa training courses. It helps to discuss practical signalling scenarios captured on live networks. Analysis of traces can be done during the signalling related training in order to fully understand the communication between the User Equipment and the Mobile Network.

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