Posted: January 12, 2016

Tigo Paraguay to Offer Customers 4G Internet Accessible on All Enabled SmartphonesMillicom announces that Tigo Paraguay is preparing to launch 4G/LTE commercial services and high speed internet on all enabled smartphones. Customers this month are replacing their Sim cards with 4G Sim cards for free, in anticipation of Tigo’s soon expected roll-out of 4G/LTE commercial services in Paraguay.

Paraguay’s National Telecommunications Council, known as CONATEL, approved Tigo Paraguay’s application for a 4G license in the 1,700-2,100 MHz (AWS) band in December 2015.

Tigo, Paraguay’s leading mobile network operator, has agreed to pay USD$45 million for three sub-band blocks, and now expects to launch the first of its 4G services in March 2016.

In anticipation of 4G’s widespread popularity, faster internet data speeds and improved, on-the-go access, 4G Sim cards are being distributed this month, free to Tigo customers.

Jose Perdomo, Chief Executive Officer- Tigo Paraguay, said: “4G technology is an absolute must-have for Paraguay. Consumer growth and demand, with the constant advances in technology, make it necessary, and we are delighted to have reached this important milestone, so that we can bring 4G to our customers.

“It is also part of our Digital Lifestyle drive across Latin America, so we can deliver great connectivity for our customers and pave the way for even greater innovations to follow.”

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