Posted: November 21, 2013

Athena Wireless Communications, today announced Pixie™, a flexible LTE small cell platform complete with field-proven, fully-functional eNodeB software. The Athena Pixie enables OEMs and system integrators to create differentiated LTE small cell solutions in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

Pixie is available in an attractive 6”x6” indoor ceiling-mount package, a rugged 8”x8” outdoor case with optional integrated backhaul, or as a 5.4”x5.4”x1.5” PCB assembly for integration into OEM products and solutions. The design incorporates independent, pluggable RF modules, providing for output power options from 50mW to 2W, FDD or TDD duplexing, and frequency bands ranging from 700MHz to 2600MHz, all with full MIMO support. Ultra low power consumption enables power-over-Ethernet for Enterprise applications, and battery-powered man-packs, vehicles or aircraft for tactical Military applications.

In addition to a complete, fully-functional eNodeB software stack, Pixie also includes well-defined APIs that enable OEMs to easily integrate their existing algorithms, parameters and proprietary interfaces onto the platform. Pixie APIs include interfaces for management (OAM) and self-organizing networks (SON) servers, as well as for customizing key eNodeB parameters such as admission control, scheduler, handovers, quality-of-service (QoS) and more. The result is a differentiated LTE small cell solution that has feature parity and full compatibility with existing OEM macro cell solutions.

Athena has made available a Pilot version of Pixie to several OEM and System Integrator partners since June 2013. The company has also demonstrated over-the-air interoperability with dozens of LTE devices and S1/X2 interoperability, including handovers, with several major Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) vendors.

“Athena Wireless is pleased to introduce our Pixie LTE Small Cell platform to a broader array of OEM and System Integrator partners,” said Juan Santiago, VP of Business Development and Product Management at Athena Wireless. “Our early success with this platform truly shows how Pixie can help our partners create differentiated small cell solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

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