Posted: May 14, 2013

The market of AFP solutions got recently shrunk and as a result, only 2 vendor- independent solutions got left in the game. These are: QBooster by DATAX and GSM Forte by Schema. Actix – one of the players in the AFP space decided to put CellOpt AFP to the end of its lifecycle.

2G still plays an important role in operators’ revenue stream as typically 40-90% of voice traffic is carried over 2G technology layer. AFP optimisation process is time-consuming and unless performed in optimal way, it takes a lot of engineering resources and the end-results may not be satisfactory either.  At this moment, QBooster offered by DATAX looks like the most modern solution, interestingly – its supplier boldly advertises guarantee of QKPIs improvement, regardless of how well the network is optimized.

„Spectrum is not an infinite resource, given LTE1800 or UMTS900 deployment, 2G optimisation role is more and more significant. The solution we offer, is fully automated, including OSS/BSS data collection and management. Apart from that, the end results (measured as typical before/after analysis), have consistently demonstrated at least 15% improvement in the domain of quality KPIs, and this is irrespective of the initial values of QKPIs”, Krystian Sroka, CTO Datax.

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