Posted: June 6, 2013

Vienna, Austria – June 6, 2013. A1 Telekom Austria, conducted a successful demonstration of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation today using Nokia Siemens Networks current base station hardware. The live demo, which included handling large file transfers with a simultaneous video stream, showcased download speeds of 580 megabits per second (Mbps), far more than twice the current 4G LTE peak rates.

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“We continue to witness exponential growth in mobile broadband traffic and ever-increasing consumer demand for higher-quality data services,” said Marcus Grausam, CTO, A1 Telekom Austria. “To address these requirements and to lead the network evolution, we are committed to delivering the most advanced technologies. We chose Nokia Siemens Networks as our partner here since it has very good LTE stability along with high throughputs and short latencies. Together with Nokia Siemens Networks, a forerunner in both LTE and LTE-Advanced, we offer a glimpse of what we will achieve beyond today’s 4G network performance.”

Carrier aggregation is a distinctive feature of LTE-Advanced that enables operators to increase transmission bandwith for LTE services by combining separated frequency bands. The benefits of this aggregation are higher peak and average data rates for an ever-faster mobile broadband experience.

“The showcase of LTE carrier aggregation with A1 Telekom Austria is proof of the ongoing evolution of data speeds, and today’s demonstration illustrates the commercial readiness of our products to achieve ultra-high data throughputs,” said Peter Wukowits, head of subregion East, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our valued and long-standing collaboration with A1 Telekom Austria includes the deployment of 4G LTE networks, and it is very exciting to now prove the potential of LTE-Advanced together with A1.”

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