Posted: February 20, 2013

Australian company, TelAri, today announced the worldwide availability of TelAri Analytics – a tool for the cost-effective management of capacity in mobile networks – developed in collaboration with Telstra.


TelAri CEO, Bruce Northcote said “We are ready to help operators manage capacity to provide consistent end-user experience across their network, and I’ll be engaging with potential clients at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.”


Telstra estimates that use of the TelAri Analytics solution has reduced capital expenditure by at least 30% with significant associated savings in operational expenditure.

The tool has been actively used to manage capacity in their NextG™ network for more than five years.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s Executive Director for Network & Access Technologies, said that “it helps our engineers monitor cell throughput. It monitors all the different parameters that affect capacity and forecasts when this is going to run out so we can invest in upgrades in response to realtime data”.

In 2012 a trial of TelAri Analytics was undertaken with CSL in Hong Kong.

Lui Ying Chun, CSL Assistant General Manager for Technology Planning and Transmission, said “the introduction of TelAri Analytics has brought significant impact to the economics of our business and customer experience.”

“Additional network capacity can now be provided where it is needed in a just-in-time manner.”

“This helps to reduce the capital cost by avoiding performing expansion too early and minimize network quality degradation caused by expanding too late.”

“The high level of automation of the tool also means that the manpower previously required for processing and interpreting related data can be allocated to other tasks, enabling more efficient utilization of human resources.”

Please address any enquiries to:

Bruce Northcote, TelAri CEO


Phone: +61 8 8313-6014



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