Posted: September 9, 2013

Sisvel UK announced today’s launch of a joint licensing program for patents essential to the IEEE’s 802.11 Wi-Fi standard and related Wi-Fi Alliance specifications. Sisvel’s new program offers a license to essential patents owned by Ericsson; the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI); Hera Wireless S.A.; Nokia Corporation; and Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

“These patent portfolios reflect important contributions to the 802.11 standard and related Wi-Fi Alliance specifications,” noted Giustino de Sanctis, CEO of Sisvel International, “and this joint program represents another advance toward Sisvel’s goal of providing simplified access to essential patents on reasonable, and non-discriminatory, or RAND, conditions.”

“Sisvel’s program creates a new avenue to license critical patents in a streamlined and efficient manner,” explained Timothy Lucie-Smith, Head of IPR Business Management and Finance of Ericsson. “Based on Sisvel’s licensing expertise and decades of experience,” he continued, “we are confident that many manufacturers incorporating 802.11 technology into their products will work with Sisvel to obtain a joint license under the patents in this portfolio.”

Information about the terms and conditions of Sisvel licenses under these patents, including royalty rates and the types of products covered, is available from Sisvel upon request by companies requiring a license.

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