Posted: January 30, 2014

Mobile data Operators are under continuous pressure from market data services demand. It means Operators have to face a continuous and very fast evolution of its operations, affecting not only required network infrastructure deployments but also systems and processes, from commercial definition to on-line customer channel.

Fully and smooth integration of all the different elements and processes at any moment as the operation evolves is not easy to grant. There are occasions in which errors, problems or malfunctions arise, causing unexpected effects that may drive to users experiencing services different than the ones they have bought. Detecting these errors is a must to optimize operation ratios; doing it in a very early phase will allow the Operator to act before the error becomes a market problem affecting economics, image and customer satisfaction.

This paper refers to Service Assurance Monitoring, meaning a continuous surveillance service aimed to detect as soon as possible any difference between the expected service (the one defined in the commercial offer by the Operator) and the actual service experienced by the user, regardless its impact on the user data balance, invoice or satisfaction. The service will eventually become the basis for quantification of the effect, identification of its causes and remediation.

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