Posted: February 26, 2013

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, Barcelona, Spain – 25th February 2013 – SAI Technology, Inc, a leading LTE, WiFi, and Mobile Cloud RAN technologies company, announces its  LTE and LTE Advanced Baseband PHY Layer L1, L2 & L3 Technologies including a complete software platform for the UE, eNB Small Cell Solutions demonstrating on multi-threaded MIPS®* processor cores show significant performance benefits compared to single-threaded platforms. SAI LTE Software platforms supports universal target hardware platforms such as ARM, Intel X86, PPC, MIPS etc. andenabled a complete decoupling of hardware and software platforms. Mobile Cloud RAN including LTE UE, eNB Small Cell and EPC core end-to-end demonstration is fully compliant to the latest 3GPP Release 9 and Release 10 specifications at Mobile World Congress, being held February 25 – 28, in Barcelona, Spain. SAI enables LTE and Advanced LTE distributed mobile cloud RAN capabilities including Cloud Devices UE, CPE, Small Cells, and EPC Core as computing and storage capabilities integrated in the network, resulting in a better user experience when using cloud RAN applications. SAI Provides LTE and LTE Advanced solutions to the end customers for various vertical market segments with customization support.

“SAI’s LTE Mobile infrastructure solutions are both compatible and scalable, passing all of our IOT test suites with partner user end devices” stated Andy Smith, Senior Manager at Verizon. “SAI’s highly integrated LTE mobile infrastructure solutions and cloud RAN components optimized for LTE UE, eNB and EPC full-featured L1, L2, L3 software can run on any specific target hardware platforms, delivering the highest performance, throughput, scalability, robustness, and security. SAI LTE UE, eNB and EPC supports very high quality multi-HD video streams, multi-voice sessions and extensive data traffic, all seamless delivery at the network level demonstrates carrier/enterprise scale, commercial grade software quality” said Dr. Venkat Rayapati, SAI’s Founder and CEO. “A fully integrated software and security package provides our customers with significant time-to-market advantage, 30% development cost reduction and reduces the operational costs by 25%, thereby providing the vendors the freedom, flexibility and resources to focus on other features to differentiating their total offering,” Dr. Rayapati further explained.  SAI provides system integration, IOT and custom product development for their customers.

SAI is a  major supplier of innovative LTE software solutions for mobile communications.  Leveraging the power-efficient MIPS multi-threaded cores on a SMP Linux allows SAI Technology to achieves a performance increase of 45% over a single-threaded approaches by  SAI PHY layer runs on DSP’s, FPGA’s or custom SOC’s. SAI is a proven LTE Baseband and complete software solution provider in the market. Next-generation systems designers require picocells, femtocells and advanced handsets can leverage the SAI advanced LTE solutions based on DSP’s and  multi-threaded CPU platforms, which supports 3GPP LTE Advanced Release 10 features: Carrier aggregation, MIMO, EMBMS, Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), Coordinated multipoint transmission and reception (CoMP), Relaying, HetNET, SON, and HeNB will be supported. SAI strategic partnerships enables RF front ends integration with SAI PHY and stacks integration with various system UE and small cell platform architectures.  SAI Supports multiple hardware platforms enabled with Linux, Nucleus, VX Works. etc operating systems. SAI enables LTE and  LTE advanced high performance solutions fordongles, smartphones, and embedded devices.


About SAI Technology, Inc.:


SAI Technology, Inc. is a leading Worldwide Mobile Infrastructure  3G/4G LTE, WiFi, and Mobile Cloud RAN Technologies company. SAI Technology focused on LTE, WiFi based Core IP solutions & System products design and development. SAI’s the major provider of LTE Mobile Software Defined Networks (SDN) end to end  basis. SAI Products: LTE SOHO/Business/SMB Class of Routers, Small Cells, Traffic Offload Devices, Backhaul products, M2M, and Mobile Cloud Devices. SAI Technology, Inc is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has development and research facilities in US and  India. Website:

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