Posted: May 20, 2013

YOTA has realized the rapid development and successful operation of its LTE network in Russia with the help of Huawei’s SingleRAN LTE/EPC solution for strong, end-to-end network planning and rich commercial performance. The coverage of YOTA’s LTE network has been extended to most major cities, and the total number of subscribers on YOTA’s LTE network (including MVNOs) exceeded 1,000,000 in only seven months. It quickly became the largest LTE network on the Eurasian continent. By the end of 2014 YOTA will have deployed 25,000 base stations that cover 70 million people.

Huawei worked tirelessly to deploy YOTA’s network amid extraordinarily difficult environmental conditions. Temperatures dropped as low as 20 degrees Celsius below zero amid harsh snow storms, but the network was still deployed and made operational on schedule. In October 2012, following months of planning and preparation, YOTA’s mobile broadband network attained a new level of excellence. Huawei helped YOTA successfully upgrade certain LTE sites to LTE-A, enabling the first commercial LTE-A network in the world. Peak data rates for YOTA’s mobile broadband network have since increased to roughly 300 Mbps.

YOTA Networks Managing Director, EGOR IVANOV says:”Even though YOTA will be six years old this year, we are still in the start-up phase, a very dynamic and fast growing company with a lot of changes and different approaches all over our way, so the most crucial criteria for us is to choose in a partner is the ability of this partner to follow such a pace that YOTA keeps. Very earnestly, we are absolutely satisfied and happy, and as for now Huawei, I would say, is the number one partner in YOTA’s world, because it is the only technology supplier/vendor for our network, and the level of internal communication and internal emotion, I would say, between our companies is also very high and positive, so we are absolutely satisfied.”


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