Posted: January 21, 2016

Robi Axiata in Bangladesh to upgrade 2G and expand 3G networksEricsson signed a three year contract with Robi Axiata Limited to upgrade 2G/GSM sites in the Chittagong and Comilla regions. In addition, Ericsson will deploy substantial number of 3G/WCDMA sites in the same regions, enabling Robi to expand the network to address demand from rapid data growth.

Robi’s Chief Technology Officer AKM Morshed says: “Ensuring consistent quality service is Robi’s commitment to its valued subscribers. As we head for a digital society, we see a rapid rise in the demand for data services in the country. In this backdrop, we are very happy to partner with Ericsson to support our network modernization and expansion initiative.”

Rajendra Pangrekar, Head of Ericsson Bangladesh, says: “Through our partnership with Robi, Ericsson strengthens our technology and service leadership in one of the world’s fastest growing markets. We will support the delivery of unique experiences for people, business and society, thus shaping and accelerating our vision of a Networked Society in Bangladesh.”

Ericsson will roll out network hardware and software and provide integration services to deliver the upgrade of Robi’s existing 2G/GSM network and expansion of the 3G/WCDMA network. This capacity expansion will help Robi to cater for more customers, enhance data speeds and improve app coverage; enabling consumers to enjoy improved smartphone experience such as faster web browsing and downloads.

According to the latest edition of the South East Asia and Oceania regional Ericsson Mobility Report, Bangladesh is in the top 10 countries globally for mobile subscription growth; ranking 5th with a net addition of 4 million mobile subscriptions. The report shows there will be up to 20% smartphone subscription penetration by end of 2015 and this will double by 2018. In addition, data consumption has taken off since the introduction of 3G/WCDMA in 2013.

This network transformation will ensure that Robi’s network can continue to evolve -making it ready for next level technology like 4G/LTE and be able to deliver a new service to customers within a short lead time, following the issuing of licenses.

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