Posted: September 17, 2013

Radisys® Corporation announced that Z-Com, a leading global wireless solution provider, has selected Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB™ small cell software solution to enable its small cell LTE-TDD (Time Division Duplex) network deployments in China. Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB will enable Z-Com to deliver Enterprise domain small cells to its mobile operator customers serving dense urban environments, adding needed bandwidth and coverage.

“We selected Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB small cell software because of its expansive features set and clear roadmap for TDD support”

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Mobile operators in China are turning to LTE-TDD small cell technology to alleviate the strain on their networks, driven by the growth in mobile video and the pervasiveness of tablets and smart phones. In the mobile network, LTE-TDD leverages unpaired spectrum allowing downlink (DL) and uplink (UL) traffic to travel in both directions on the same frequency band. As most mobile users download content rather than upload content, Radisys’ LTE-TDD small cell solution provides a cost effective approach for operators to add capacity to congested areas and make more efficient use of their available spectrum.

“We selected Radisys’ TOTALeNodeB small cell software because of its expansive features set and clear roadmap for TDD support,” said Jim Gao, CEO, Nanjing Z-Com. “Radisys’ TDD solution supports integration on next-generation small cell silicon, providing us with a time-to-market advantage.”

Z-Com will roll out LTE-TDD trial deployments in the first half of 2014 for Chinese mobile operator, CMCC. The initial focus will be on the Enterprise small cell market, supporting 32-64 users. Global LTE Network Deployments – comprehensive database can be found here.

“Radisys was first to market with LTE-TDD software stacks, and this design win is a testament to the industry-leading small cell software solution that Radisys brings to our customers,” said Todd Mersch, general manager, Software and Solutions, Radisys. “TOTALeNodeB provides Z-Com and its operator customers with a comprehensive LTE-TDD and field-proven FDD solution, enabling fast market entry and class-leading performance.”

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