Posted: November 19, 2013

RADCOM Ltd.  today announced that it received new orders amounting to 3.6 million dollars with a tier 1 operator in Asia. This is an expansion of an existing deployment with this operator.

RADCOM’s Customer Experience solution enables this service provider to provide its customers with extremely high quality service on their mobile devices. This service provider is contending with a rapid growth in the use of mobile devices, and the consequent demands on its network. With these new orders, RADCOM will provide this customer with an expansion of dozens of gigabytes to its existing RADCOM Quality of Experience system, monitor its LTE network and enhance the service provider’s marketing analytics capabilities.

Marketing analytics is becoming a critical need. Operators need to analyze their customer behavior and see how various subscriber groups are using the mobile data services, in order to monetize their networks. One of the core methodologies to measure marketing effectiveness is the collection of Quality of Experience data.

“We are very satisfied to see further repeat orders from this customer. RADCOM’s solutions have become an integral part of this service provider’s operation, helping it provide exemplary Quality of Service to its customers.” said David Ripstein, RADCOM’s President and CEO. “This expansion is a realization of the big potential we have identified for repeat business from our satisfied existing customers, as their networks expand and they add new technologies and thus require more sophisticated applications.”

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