Posted: May 8, 2013

SAN JOSE, Calif. and SEOUL, Korea, May 7, 2013  — Symmetricom(R), today announced the successful design integration of its SoftClocks into 4G/LTE + WiFi small cells offered by Qucell, Inc. This successful integration enables Qucell to join Symmetricom’s SyncWorld(R) Ecosystem Program in the Small Cells category.

Working closely with Symmetricom, Qucell validated the compliance of its “Evolve Q1016” and “Evolve Q1008,” two 4G/LTE enterprise and residential small cell products, with the LTE FDD standard. Throughout rigorous testing, Qucell’s small cell portfolio was capable of maintaining precise and constant synchronization using Symmetricom’s SoftClock software. Qucell enabled Korea Telecom to launch the world’s first massive commercial LTE small cell service with its Evolve Q1016 enterprise LTE small cells.

“Symmetricom’s SCr/SCe SoftClocks have played an important role in the commercialization testing of Qucell’s 4G/LTE + WiFi small cell access points,” said Mr. Mark Choi, vice president of Qucell. “It has allowed us to integrate packet-based synchronization into our small cells products, which is a very important function for all of our home, enterprise, public, and outdoor solutions.”

A recent report by NPD In-Stat on Small Devices predicts that due to skyrocketing demand for mobile data services, the sale of small cell devices will hit $14 billion in retail value by 2015. This growth is being attributed to the surge in mobile data services that are placing a high level of stress on mobile networks typically designed to handle less intensive voice traffic.

“Precise timing is an essential element of successful small cell network deployments to support LTE networks,” said Manish Gupta, vice president marketing at Symmetricom. “We welcome Qucell to the SyncWorld Ecosystem Program and look forward to more successful small cell deployments with our partners.”

Qucell’s commercial experience includes 6,000 successful large-scale 4G/LTE + WiFi small cell deployments in 2012 alone, with an additional 12,000 units expected to be deployed by June 2013.

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