Posted: September 24, 2013

Leliwa telecom training company’s official website announced on Monday that a new training will soon be available on offer. The “Policy and Charging Control” is going to widen the Leliwa 4G training course’s portfolio.

Miroslaw Korus, President of Leliwa, says: “In the recent years we can observe the dynamic evolution of mobile networks towards efficient packet transmission. The latest improvements of 3G networks, such as HSPA are mainly driven by an increasing demand for broadband data access. Soon, even  basic telecommunication services will be based on IP technology. The latest 4G networks completely abandoned legacy circuit switched technology and are now entirely based on IP. As a consequence,  operators require much better control of their packet traffic. This is why the Policy and Charging Control solutions have already been implemented or are currently being introduced in worldwide mobile networks ”.

Another key driver for the PCC implementation are changes made in the service offers. The era, when revenues were mostly established through basic services like speech or data transfer is over. Nowadays operator must offer innovative, bundled services, which are dedicated to individual subscriber’s needs. Creativeness in this field is essential for  commercial success. Previously the main marketing incentive was a lower price in comparison to  competitors. Currently, a completely different approach is required. In order to attract new subscribers and find alternative sources of revenue, the marketing strategies are mainly focused on premium content, which is often provided together with 3rd party suppliers. Thanks to the sophisticated charging mechanisms and support for settlements with external partners, PCC is the right solution and will become the key component of each mobile network in the future.

PCC logical architecture R11

(source: “Policy and Charging Control” textbook, Leliwa 2013)

Implementation of 4G technology comes in line with the IP Multimedia Subsystem. In the near future IMS will become a major platform used for implementation of a variety of services. Also here PCC plays a very important role. It is the key component linking service-oriented IMS and various access networks like UMTS, LTE, WiFi and others. Through PCC, IMS can ensure that adequate quality is guaranteed for the multitude of services.

“Good understanding of the Policy and Charging control architecture is mandatory for all core network engineers, VAS engineers, charging system engineers. It is also very important that marketing department employees are aware of the possibilities given by  PCC” – says Mr. Bartlomiej Puchalski, PCC training designer and instructor in Leliwa.

“Policy and Charging Control” course is expected in Q1 2014 on Leliwa’s training offer.

Source: Leliwa website

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