Posted: September 3, 2013

Key points:

  • Continued expansion of 4G/LTE in record time, today Orange is the first operator to launch
  • 4G/LTE in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Orange 4G available with immediate effect
  • Orange 4G supplies 91% of the population and businesses of Liechtenstein with mobile Internet of up to 100 Mbit/s across the board
  • Step-by-step expansion to full coverage and connection speed up to 150 Mbit/s by the end of the year
  • full Orange 4G speed for all customers at no additional cost
  • Orange 4G also available for customers of Telecom Liechtenstein

‘After launching Orange 4G in Switzerland at the end of May in record time, we are now the first mobile phone provider in the Principality of Liechtenstein to supply the population with the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. As of today Liechtenstein can benefit from a 4G network covering already 91% of the population and companies all over the country. And because Orange also represents exceptional service in Liechtenstein, we are also offering the full Orange 4G speed to all customers in the country, both existing and new – with no additional costs and regardless of their subscription’, says Johan Andsjö, CEO of Orange.

‘High-performance, state-of-the-art mobile telephone infrastructures are an important backbone of our economic performance, particularly in international competition. Business, society and modern communications are developing rapidly. As an international business location, advances in technology such as 4G are of central importance to us’, says Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Liechtenstein, Dr Thomas Zwiefelhofer.

Orange has continuously modernised its mobile network in Liechtenstein. Thanks to the investments  in the access network and the ongoing modernisation of the mobile network, Orange can already offer the best 4G network to 91% of the population and businesses all over the country, after just a short time. Mobile Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s (theoretical maximum), which will be increased step-by-step to 150 Mbit/s, enable mobile cloud computing, mobile HD video conferencing, mobile HD TV,  online gaming and much more. The potential of smartphones, tablets etc. can be fully exploited with Orange 4G.

All customers with any type of subscription or PrePay offer can benefit from the Orange 4G network. For new customers, Orange 4G is available with the Orange Me subscription for CHF 15.– per month, or with Orange Me PrePay for only CHF 1.– per day. Orange is the only operator to offer 4G to all PrePay and subscription customers, without exception, with no speed restrictions and at no additional cost. This clearly makes Orange the 4G market leader.

Test Orange 4G at the annual fair in Vaduz
If you have not been convinced by Orange 4G by 4/5 October 2013, you can try it out at the 2013 fair in Vaduz. Orange will have a stand at the fair, where you can discover the performance of Orange 4G.  In conjunction with the 4G demonstrations at the stand, there will also be a chance to win the latest 4G smartphones every day.

Orange 4G also available for Telecom Liechtenstein customers
As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Telecom Liechtenstein uses the powerful Orange network. Therefore, as of mid-October, all Telecom Liechtenstein customers will also be able to enjoy the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. As with Orange, the full 4G speed is also available for all existing and new customers.

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