Posted: September 5, 2014‘s latest report indicates that spending on mobile fronthaul infrastructure for C-RAN and small cell networks is expected to reach nearly $3 Billion  by 2020.

Given the high costs of direct fiber connectivity used for the very first C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Network) deployments, fronthaul is widely seen as the biggest challenge towards the adoption of C-RAN.

However, an increasing number of deployment are now considering cost-effective alternative options for fronthaul such as WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), OTN (Optical Transmission Network) and even microwave.  Besides easing the deployment of C-RAN, the emergence of cost effective fronthaul solutions has also opened other avenues, such as moving radio traffic from additional low power small cells within a macrocell, to improve coverage and increase the overall cell capacity.

SNS Research estimates infrastructure spending on mobile fronthaul solutions will grow at a CAGR of nearly 40%, between 2014 and 2020. By the end of 2020, mobile fronthaul investments will account for $2.6 Billion in revenue.

The “HetNet Bible (Small Cells, Carrier WiFi, DAS & C-RAN): 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, & Forecasts” report presents an in-depth assessment of the global small cells, carrier WiFi, DAS and C-RAN markets.  In addition to covering the technology, business case, the challenges, standardization initiatives, the industry’s roadmap, value chain analysis, deployment case studies, vendor service/product strategies and strategic recommendations, the report also presents comprehensive forecasts for the market from 2014 till 2020, including individual revenue and shipment projections of small cells, carrier WiFi, small cell backhaul, SCaaS (Small Cells as a Service), DAS, C-RAN, SON (Self-Organizing Network) and mobile data services across six geographical regions.

The report will be of value to current and future potential investors into the wireless sector, as well as wireless carriers, wireless network infrastructure/device providers and enabling technology providers who wish to broaden their knowledge of the ecosystem. You can purchase the rerport at: now –> or request free report sample.

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