Posted: November 21, 2013

As everyone knows, 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), is the latest standard in mobile network technology. LTE is the natural upgrade path for carriers with both GSM/UMTS networks and CDMA networks which are intended to bridge the functional data exchange gap between fixed wireless Local Area Networks (LAN) with a very high data rate and very high mobility cellular networks. Therefore, it is anticipated to become the first truly global mobile phone standard.

To follow the state-of-the-art technologies like LTE, Leliwa delivers 4G training courses for customers all over the world. ”Our competencies and flexibility allow us to deliver over 1000 course days per year worldwide. More and more of those courses cover LTE-related technologies. Telecom and especially LTE are developing the fastest in terms of advanced technologies. Our trainers have conducted LTE courses practically on every continent. Well… they haven’t been on Antarctica yet. But who knows? Maybe we will find some suitable training venue even there” – Leliwa President, Mr. Miroslaw Korus says with a smile.

Leliwa has been providing the highest quality training services for almost 18 years. For the last 5 years the company has been focusing on LTE-based training. This long-term experience allowed Leliwa to develop an optimal LTE training flow path for both CN and RAN engineers. As Core Network and Radio Access Network employees have different training needs, there are two dedicated paths:

Core Network focused LTE training flow:

  • “LTE/EPS Technology”
  • “VoLTE Basics”
  • “Signalling in EPC/LTE”


Radio Access Network focused LTE training flow:

  • “LTE/EPS Technology”
  • “VoLTE Basics”
  • “Signalling E-UTRAN/LTE”


Both paths are shorter than the total duration of individual training courses due to common objectives optimization. It results in significant saving of the cost of training, hence increasing overall training ROI. Full training descriptions can be found on Leliwa’s official website.

Leliwa has prepared a special LTE training flow sample of all training courses mentioned above (it contains: LTE and E-UTRAN architectures, EPC traffic cases, SR-VCC and CSFB aspects). The sample is now available for anyone who has requested it. To receive a free sample please contact Leliwa’s business representative Mr. Miroslaw Korus on his e-mail address:

Suggested above flows contain standard training courses from Leliwa portfolio. However, lately most of the courses delivered by Leliwa are customized to meet individual customers’ expectations. The figure below shows statistics of the types of training distribution:


Standard courses are still in 1st place but Leliwa observes constant raise of customized training (standard courses modified according to customers suggestions) and custom-made courses developed from scratch supported by individual customer’s orders. This customized and custom-made training raise results mostly referring to Donald Kirkpatrick’s model of training evaluation, extended by the 5th level of evaluation which is the measurement of return on investment. 

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