Posted: February 18, 2013

LTE Broadcast offers mobile-network operators a profitable business proposition through service differentiation, new revenue opportunities, and more efficient distribution of live and other digital media.

The proliferation of mobile devices, mobile content and 4G LTE networks has led to a boom in mobile-video and digital media usage. Managing the growth of mobile-network traffic has created a significant challenge for mobile network operators (MNOs), which need to optimize their networks to accommodate the increase in demand.

This paper explores the revenue opportunities and cost benefits MNOs can realize through the implementation of LTE Broadcast, a mobile broadcast solution that complements LTE networks.

LTE Broadcast delivers the same content to multiple users with the capability to support a virtually unlimited number of users simultaneously, thereby ensuring a high-quality video experience and enabling new revenue opportunities for MNOs.

Using LTE Broadcast, MNOs and their media partners can monetize premium content over mobile networks without the fear of network congestion and delivery failure to their customers.

In addition, LTE Broadcast allows MNOs to manage their networks better – especially mobile-video-related traffic – through the very efficient use of spectrum and network investments.

LTE Broadcast – a revenue enabler in the mobile media era


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