Posted: October 3, 2013

According to Mr. Mirosław Korus, President of Leliwa LLC, during the past month Leliwa Company has exceeded the value of 22 thousand training days delivered to customers all over the world. This is the amount of training courses designed by and conducted for Ericsson Training Centres as well as standard courses from the Leliwa training portfolio for other customers.

“The company was established under the name of Leliwa Telecom in 1996. For the first 7 years we have been delivering courses only for Ericsson Training Centres by sending trainers to countries all over the world. 10 years ago we have changed the legal form to Leliwa Sp. z o.o. (Leliwa LLC). Since then, besides instructor-led training for Ericsson, we have begun to develop and offer our own professional training courses, which became very popular.  All of this resulted in an impressive number of delivered training days by our company” – says Mr. Korus.

Lately, Leliwa’s training offers has concentrated mainly on LTE and IMS/RCS issues, as these 4G technologies hold a promising future. That is the reason why LTE Advanced training was developed and is constantly being updated. The company is following the development of the telecom market and working on other domain training courses. In Q1 2014 the “Policy and Charging Control” course will be introduced to the training offer. The other state of the art product will be the “NFC Basics” training dedicated for banking and Telco sectors.

Although telecom training is the main business profile of Leliwa, the company is constantly thinking about new innovative products. One of them is a mobile application for Android OS (available from Google Play Store), which is currently in preparation and will help training participants and telecom engineers in their daily work. Details will be soon published by Leliwa. Be the first to know. Sign up for the newsletter on Leliwa’s website.

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