Posted: December 1, 2015

Already, there are more than 230 million cellular M2M subscriptions for IoT devices, but that is the tip of the iceberg when you consider that cellular networks today cover 90% of the world’s population. The extensive footprint, high reliability, security and broad eco-system support of LTE and GSM networks provides an ideal platform for IoT growth. This live demo video shows how we are improving cellular coverage both indoors and in remote locations with a feature called Extended Coverage (EC) GSM. EC-GSM delivers a 20 dB improvement to extend the range of low-rate applications by up to 7-fold. This extended coverage is especially important for applications where lots of IoT devices are installed in basements, such as smart meters. It is also important for IoT applications like Smart Agriculture monitoring and highway sensors for Intelligent Transportation Systems or ITS, where devices are installed in remote locations.

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