Posted: October 15, 2013

Huawei announced that its Small Cell Backhaul solution successfully participated in the interoperability and function tests held by the European Advanced Network Test Center (EANTC), an internationally recognized test institution.

Huawei’s Small Cell Backhaul solution includes a series of ATN products. The ATN 905, ATN 910, and ATN 950B were tested, including tests on the clock and related OAM features. In a separate environment, Huawei demonstrated its advanced RFC2544-based built-in-probe performance monitoring technology to EANTC, which can greatly improve network deployment efficiency.

For the achievements of Huawei’s Small Cell Backhaul solution, Gai Gang, president of Huawei’s Carrier IP Product Line, said that, “This test demonstrates Huawei’s leading strength and openness in mobile backhaul, especially in small cell backhaul. Huawei will continue to focus on research in cutting-edge mobile backhaul technologies and pay attention to the challenges brought by long-term operator service development to provide a more expandable, sustainable, intelligent, and simplified network, and thereby provide users with better experience.”

Huawei’s Small Cell Backhaul solution is serving China Telecom, China Unicom, and other world-wide leading carriers such as Deutsche Telekom and MTN South Africa.

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