Posted: May 21, 2013

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.–Globecomm Systems Inc., announced today that it has won contracts with Chariton ValleyEvolve Broadband (DBA WorldCall Interconnect) and Indigo Wireless to provide them with Globecomm’s LTE solutions, delivering a cost-effective, efficient path to 4G/LTE.


  • Evolve Broadband, a regional carrier providing voice and data products and services throughout Texas, has completed successful LTE trials with Globecomm and will continue its LTE build-out.
  • Indigo Wireless, a rural GSM mobile carrier with service areas in Pennsylvania and Nebraska, has renewed its hosting contract with Globecomm for a three-year term and will expand its services from 2.5G GSM to UMTS/HSPA+ 3G and begin its 4G LTE trial site in June.
  • Chariton Valley, a locally owned and operated wireless company providing telecommunications services to businesses and residents in northeast Missouri, will add 4G LTE services for its home subscribers.

Dave Tews, Vice President of Indigo Wireless, said: “We are continuing to grow our 3G services and will be adding 4G LTE services in Mansfield, Pennsylvania next month. Globecomm is a valuable partner that has proven it can help us cost effectively grow our network with the best technology and services. We are excited to work together to deliver 4G LTE to Indigo’s customers.”

These carriers will use Globecomm’s hosted LTE core, as well as the company’s unique Converged Packet Gateway (CPG) solution. Globecomm’s LTE hosting service provides a reliable, professionally managed LTE core, which greatly reduces both capital savings and operations savings while not requiring the carrier to hire trained core network operators. Globecomm’s CPG solution is a low-cost managed solution that keeps Internet traffic local to a carrier’s market, reducing expensive backhaul costs over point to point fiber or other terrestrial circuits, while providing efficient data access in their network.

Lowell Feldman, CEO of Evolve Broadband, said: “Evolve Broadband has recently completed a successful pilot project in three rural Texas markets utilizing 4G LTE technology. The residents of these communities are not only excited by their newfound ability to access the Internet, but the fast data speeds as well. Until Evolve launched its service, students couldn’t do their on-line homework, popular video applications such as Netflix did not work, and people in the community did not truly understand what they were missing by being disconnected from a modern broadband network.”

Feldman further commented, “The success of our company’s pilot program was assisted by partnerships we have formed with Globecomm Systems and Ericsson. As we now move toward full build-out of our 13 counties, including approximately 30 cell sites, in our licensed spectrum cellular market area in Texas, we will continue to build and rely on these strong vendor relationships.”

Jim Simon, General Manager of Chariton Valley, said: “No one else could do what Globecomm has done to advance our network. Globecomm hosts our GSM, CDMA/EVDO and soon our LTE 4G network services all in one place.”

Andy Silberstein, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Globecomm Network Services, said: “Regional and rural carriers are facing growing customer demand for LTE services and competitive pressure from the big players. For a smaller operator, the migration to LTE is complex and expensive, making it more difficult to achieve than a simple upgrade. Our LTE solutions and services get the smaller carrier up and running with LTE in a way that is cost-effective and customized to fit their specific needs. We’re delighted that we can assist Chariton Valley, Evolve Broadband and Indigo Wireless in launching LTE services that are second to none.”


Global BTS Transceiver Market Analysis and Forecast, 2013-2017 – 9th Edition
Some key predictions from EJL Wireless Research LLC for 2013:
  • Global BTS TRx shipments will decline by 20%
  • Global BTS LTE TRx shipments are expected to remain the largest category
  • Global BTS LTE TRx shipments are expected to decline by 6%
  • Global BTS W-CDMA/HSPA TRx shipments are expected to decline by 18%
  • Global BTS GSM/EDGE TRx shipments are expected to decline by 11%

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