Posted: December 1, 2015

Ericsson and telecommunications operator Ericsson-logo-blue Greece, have successfully demonstrated download speeds of 500Mbps in a live LTE network in a carrier aggregation first for Europe.

By working closely with Ericsson, Cosmote is moving FDD 3xCarrier Aggregation & 256 QAM innovation to their commercial network, boosting performance and market differentiation.

The demonstration, which took place at the Infocom World 2015 event in Athens on November 24, 2015, used Ericsson’s industry-leading radio solutions and Ericsson Networks Software 16A . In addition, three component 20+20+10MHz FDD LTE carrier aggregation in combination with 256 QAM modulation deployed in a live network for the first time in the European market.

LTE Advanced carrier aggregation technology supports the use of multiple LTE carriers in a single LTE network. By increasing network bandwidth, carrier aggregation delivers higher peak data rates and better user experiences across the network coverage area.

Ericsson’s 256QAM downlink encoding technology provides up to 33 percent higher downlink throughput in good radio conditions. This enables more efficient use of the spectrum allocated to a cell, as well as a 33 percent increase in maximum user downlink throughput.

Stefanos Theocharopoulos, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, OTE Group , says: “OTE Group brings the future of telecommunications today. We invest in innovation in order to be the first to offer our customers pioneering fixed and mobile telecommunications services, while we continue to assertively expand our New Generation Networks and develop the country’s infrastructure. With the consecutive ‘firsts’ achieved by the OTE Group, such as the demonstration of speeds up to 500 Mbps via our 4G+ network, we confirm our technological superiority and make a difference for our customers”.

Small Cell Networks Market by Small Cell Types

Maurizio De Dominicis, Head of Ericsson in Greece, says: “The latest Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts 4.1 billion LTE subscriptions globally by the end of 2021. Technologies such as 256QAM encoding and carrier aggregation are essential for delivering high-quality LTE experiences to subscribers in Greece and other markets around the world, Our demonstration with Cosmote both builds upon and showcases Ericsson’s technology leadership in these critical areas, and we are pleased to work with Cosmote in delivering these capabilities to the Greek market.”

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