Posted: May 29, 2013

Ericsson is working with regional wireless operators to deliver the benefits of LTE to residents and businesses in smaller communities across America. Over the past several months, multiple regional operators in the United States have selected Ericsson as their LTE partner of choice due to the company’s experience in LTE deployments and deep understanding of network strategies for smaller operators.

Regional operators who have recently selected Ericsson to build their LTE networks include:

  • Adams NetWorks (Illinois) – LTE network covering key markets in the western portions of Illinois
  • Carolina West (North Carolina) – LTE network covering parts of its network in western North Carolina
  • Cellcom (Wisconsin) – LTE network covering parts of its network in northeast and central Wisconsin
  • Chariton Valley (Missouri) – LTE network covering northeast Missouri
  • Chat Mobility (Iowa) – LTE network for markets covering part of its network in southwest Iowa
  • Colorado Valley Communications (Texas) – LTE network for fixed wireless broadband covering southeast Texas as a member of the NetAmerica Alliance
  • MidRivers Communications (Montana) – LTE network partnership with NewCore Wireless covering areas in central and eastern Montana
  • NewCore Wireless (Minnesota) – LTE core networks for regional operators
  • NexTech Wireless (Kansas) – LTE network covering northwestern and north central Kansas. Also offering LTE core network for regional operators
  • Northwest Missouri Cellular (Missouri) – LTE network covering part of its network in northwest Missouri
  • Rural Independent Network Alliance (Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming) – LTE networks to alliance of regional carriers in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming
  • S and R Communications (Indiana) – LTE network covering parts of its network in central Indiana
  • SRT Communications (North Dakota) – LTE network partnership with NewCore Wireless covering north central North Dakota
  • Syringa Networks (Idaho) – LTE network in southern and eastern Idaho

Steven K. Berry, President and CEO of Competitive Carriers Association, said “I am delighted that Ericsson is working with rural and regional carriers to help them deploy LTE networks. To continue to compete and thrive in the industry, competitive carriers must find a pathway to 4G/LTE services, and partnering with innovative companies like Ericsson will help ensure carriers can achieve this important goal.”

LTE is the global standard for the fourth generation of mobile broadband (4G). It is the fastest developing system in the history of mobile communication. As of the first quarter of 2013, there are approximately 45 million LTE subscriptions in North America, accounting for around half of all LTE subscriptions in the world.

“LTE has transformed the way consumers and businesses interact all across America. Whether located in large metropolitan cities or smaller communities, LTE has broken down location barriers and enabled the benefits of mobile broadband for everyone,” said Craig Stein, head of Broadband and Media Accounts for Ericsson. “We understand the benefits of LTE and the positive impact it can make on smaller communities. This has been the driving force behind Ericsson’s rural LTE deployments from the very beginning and we look forward to continue working with more rural operators to bring the transformational power of LTE to their customers.”

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