Posted: December 2, 2015

Completed 3D-MIMO tests on live network in Guangzhou, ChinaZTE Corporation is pleased to take its proprietary Pre5G technology a step closer to commercial deployment, after the successful testing of the company’s 3D-MIMO (three dimensional multiple input multiple output) solution on China Mobile’s commercial network.

ZTE’s 3D-MIMO technology helped increaseaverage data throughput by two to four times, with data rates at the cell edge going up as much as five to seventimes, according to results from a test conducted on China Mobile’s commercial network in a metropolitan area of Guangzhou. The pre-commercialtest, conducted jointly with China Mobile’s Guangdong provincial subsidiary, and China Mobile Research Institute, demonstrated the capability of ZTE’s 3D-MIMO solution to improve network throughput and coverage in an area with a high concentration of tall buildings.

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3D-MIMO provides more precise beamforming and more effective spatial multiplexing to greatly strengthen the network’s resistance to interference and improve the performance of cells and the overall network, and is a key component of ZTE’s pre5G technology.

ZTE’s 3D-MIMO base stations feature the company’s patented intellectual property, with 128 built-in antenna elementsand advanced basebandvector processing chipsets, and are fully compatible with existing 4G LTE infrastructure and user terminals, making them easy for operators to deploy.

5G research is key to ZTE’s strategy to become a global leader in the developments of next-generation network technology. In June 2014, ZTE was the first vendor to propose the Pre5G concept, and the company launched Pre5G base station integrating the BBU and RRU at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2015, enabling carriers to emulate the behavior of future 5G networks on existing 4G LTE network infrastructure.

ZTE’s Pre5G 3D-MIMO products have won numerous global awards. In March, ZTE Pre5G 3D-MIMO products won the Innovative Solution and Fastest Market Development Award 2014 at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) awards in Barcelona. In May, ZTE won the Wireless Network Infrastructure Innovation award for Pre5G products at the Global Telecom Business (GTB) Innovation Awards. In June, ZTE was awarded the 2015 Global Technology Innovation Award in 5G Networks by Frost & Sullivan, one of the world’s leading consulting firms, in recognition of ZTE’s outstanding performance and achievements in 5G technology innovation, and leading position in the industry.

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