Posted: June 3, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 2, 2013.  Aviacomm Inc. and Spectec announced today the availability of a complete 14 band RF front end modules ready for immediate design- in opportunities. This module, fitting on a half mini PCI card, is also the smallest implementation while covering 3GPP bands from 700MHz up to 2.7GHz.

The growth of LTE worldwide is well documented. However what is not discussed is the current and ever increasing frequency fragmentation.  With over 40 LTE bands defined today and more tomorrow; having an analog front end that can address this proliferation of bands in a small form factor will be required. With the module being offered by Spectec based on Aviacomm’s ARF 1010EX wideband, programmable RFIC, vendors will be able to achieve this critical ability allowing users to roam anywhere and still stay connected.

Existing approaches rely on multiple RF chains for multi band support, requiring a chip or port, PA and set of filters for each band.  With Aviacomm’s wideband RF solutions, Spectec is able to offer a single design with low power in a small form factor. The first module being offered to the market covers the popular bands – 1 to 5, 7, 8, 17, 20, 34, and 38 to 41.

LTE Strategy 2013 – 2018 – This report provides LTE strategies and technology analysis and provides recommendations for mobile network deployment.

In addition the module has the ability to support all 3GPP 3G/4G frequency bands with a simple embedded RF switch able to change dynamically the front-end filters. This allows rapid delivery to the market of multi band front ends as the market or application demand.

“LTE roaming today is largely not available as device vendors focus on a different hardware design for each carrier,” statedShih Mo , CEO of Aviacomm. “With the SDLM-A110 offered by Spectec, device vendors can solve this problem allowing users to access LTE across the globe.”

Said Spectec CEO S.T Joung, “We are happy to share the first class RF integration capabilities provided by Spectec.  The LTE chipset has been integrated in a very small and reliable mini PCI module, which allows OEM companies to launch new LTE products in a short time to market. In addition the LTE module can be provided on many other form factors or interfaces on demand, in order to guarantee a very high flexibility and fast integration in the final products.”

Samples of Spectec’s SDLM-A110 module are available today.

LTE Strategy 2013 – 2018 – This report provides LTE strategies and technology analysis and provides recommendations for mobile network deployment.

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