Posted: October 23, 2013

Bhutan Telecom is pleased to announce that we will be launching the 4G LTE service on 24th October 2013. Details on coverage, cost,frequency and APN switch are as follows:


Currently 4G LTE service will be available only in Thimphu at the following places:

  1. Norzin Lam
  2. Chubachu
  3. Offices near dzong
  4. Kawajangsa
  5. Changangkha
  6. Ministers’ Enclave
  7. Other places around Motithang High School


  1. Customers can use 4G on their smartphones on PAY PER USE scheme @ Nu. 0.001 per kb.
  2. 4G LTE SIM cards are available at Nu. 500/- only with Nu.500 worth data which will be valid only for 7 days.


  1. 4G LTE network will operate at 1800 MHz frequency. Therefore, smartphones that do not support Thimphu’s 3G network frequency of 850 MHz will not be able to fall back from 4G to 3G in places where 4G is unavailable.


  1. The APN for 4G network is ‘internet’ which is the same as the 3G network APN.
  2. 4G customers can switch their devices to 3G network in places where 4G is not available.

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