Posted: October 2, 2013

BASE Company is the second operator to launch 4G in Belgium. BASE customers can make use of it here effective immediately, provided that they have a 4G device, are located in an area with 4G coverage, and have a subscription that offers 4G.

Featured Report: Mobile Value-added Services (VAS) in 4G: Market Analysis and Forecasts for LTE-based VAS 2013 – 2018

BASE Company claims that :

  • the 2G network (calling and texting) already covers 99.9% of all Belgians
  • the 3G network (mobile internet) covers 99.54% of the Belgians
  • 3G Dual Carrier (up to twice as fast as 3G, speeds up to 42 Mbps) covers 83% of the Belgians (61% when launched in April)
  • 4G is being quickly rolled out, so that you can surf just as fast as you do at home (up to 86 Mbps)
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