Posted: June 3, 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 30, 2013 – Aviacomm Inc. and WiMatek Systems Inc. announced today that the two companies will work together in development and integration of Aviacomm’s Smart Analog Solution technology with WiMatek’s LTE baseband solution. The resultant module will form a complete LTE based communications platform targeting the emerging machine to machine market (M2M).

As LTE coverage expands on a daily basis, secondary use of the network to support machine to machine communications is fast becoming an additional revenue stream for operators around the world. Existing LTE baseband and radio solutions target smart phones and other end user devices, burdening an M2M solution with features and functionality that do little to serve the application, and increase power consumption.

Aviacomm’s advanced broadband programmable RFIC, the ARF1010EX, integrated with WiMatek’s low power LTE baseband, will deliver to the market a single hardware module that can support all LTE bands around the globe for M2M applications. The module, with its small size, low power and single version supporting all LTE bands, will release M2M vendors from the frequency fragmentation quagmire of LTE.

“We believe the M2M market is ready for a complete solution and a single design that is enabled by our ARF technology,” statedShih Mo , CEO of Aviacomm. “Today M2M vendors are forced to develop a new product for every LTE band or carrier in the world. Our core technology of wideband, flexible, programmable Smart Analog Solutions embodied in the ARF product line solves this problem for our customers.”

“We are pleased to partner with Aviacomm in the development of a complete solution for the M2M market,” said Hussein Alnuweiri , CEO of WiMatek. “Combined with our flexible, low power Celera™ LTE baseband and Celera™ LTE protocol stack, we are able to provide a complete turn-key solution to M2M module vendors that reduces their design and integration time, and maximizes return on investment.”

The ARF performance and wideband programmability can be sampled today in the ARF1010EX Evaluation Kit or via our mini-PCI Reference Design supporting 14 or more LTE bands of operation.

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