Posted: February 22, 2013

Boca Raton, FL, February 25, 2013 – Airspan Networks Inc.,  announced today that it has extended its AirSynergy product range to include an indoor, carrier-grade “public access” small cell for LTE, Wi-Fi and later, support for Release 10 3G-HSPA UMTS. Airspan also announced the introduction of its Self-Optimizing Network (SON) solution, called AirSON, to the company’s LTE heterogeneous RAN portfolio.

AirSynergy 1000 is an indoor, high performance, high power, LTE-A carrier-class “enterprise” small cell, designed to bring public access LTE networks into large enterprises and high density public spaces. The new indoor AirSynergy 1000 series complements the existing outdoor AirSynergy 2000 picocell and will be deployed in customer trials in Q2 2013. AirSynergy 2000 already provides the outdoor pico layer of a heterogeneous LTE-A network deployment (HetNet). Airspan’s AirSynergy series brings several industry firsts by supporting LTE-A and being able to support multiple LTE interfaces at the same time. It is also the only small cell solution with an integrated Non-Line-of-Sight wireless backhaul technology, called iBridge, which enables direct connections to an LTE operator’s transport network.

Eric Stonestrom, CEO and President of Airspan Networks commented, “The introduction of our new high capacity baseband technology into AirSynergy 1000 and 2000 product completes a multi-year development program aimed at creating the highest performance and most differentiated small cell solution in the industry.  Small cells are all about driving up the capacity of a network within a limited frequency resource and we just rewrote what was possible with this technology.”

Both AirSynergy 1000 and 2000 have an advanced 3GPP Release 10 feature set that includes support for SON and LTE-A eICIC, which enables N=1 frequency re-use between the outdoor Macro cell network and AirSynergy small  cells. The AirSynergy series has the ability to run multiple LTE interfaces per eNodeB (either FDD and/or TDD) and is ready to support Release 10 Carrier Aggregation which enables a single node to deliver up to 450Mbit/s in a bonded configuration. AirSynergy can be deployed using enterprise broadband connections, or with the iBridge wireless backhaul solution. The iBridge backhaul option has a differentiated cooperative QoS feature which ensures the Quality of Experience (QoE) inside of the enterprise matches the QoE on an outdoor Macro cell network.

Also announced today is AirSON, Airspan’s LTE-A Self-Optimizing Network feature set that is combination of a centralized SON server and distributed SON functions which execute on each AirSynergy eNodeB. AirSON is a comprehensive framework for the rollout of hyper-dense small cell networks.

AirSON solves the key issues associated with small cell deployment, namely;

  • Optimization of handover and mobility management
  • Optimization of resource partitioning between macro and small network
  • Management of resource and Frequency co-ordination features to minimize interference
  • Short term and long term load balancing between macro and small cell network layers
  • Unified optimization of resource mappings for iBridge wireless backhaul and LTE access

Airspan Networks is exhibiting at MWC 2013 and has a live demonstration of AirSynergy HetNet that utilizes LTE-Advanced Release 10 eICIC (enhanced Inter-cell Interference Coordination) and associated features. Airspan Networks can be found at stand D90 in Hall 6.

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