Posted: September 25, 2013

Aicent announced a partnership with LG U+, a leading South Korean telecommunications service provider, to bring powerful and seamless 4G connectivity to LG U+’s mobile subscribers as they travel between their home network in South Korea and international locations including Singapore and Hong Kong.

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• As the demand for 4G services continues to increase at an exponential rate, so does the need for LTE roaming solutions that can simplify the complexities of global roaming by allowing for the enablement of protocol interworking across multiple mobile operators via a single interconnect point, in addition to moderating the impending signaling surge.

• With Aicent’s LTE Roaming Exchange, LG U+ was able to quickly and efficiently roll-out LTE roaming in a cost-effective and scalable manner, while continuing to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive and expanding South Korean marketplace.

• An extension of their industry leading next-generation IPX network, Aicent’s LTE Roaming Exchange is supported by a comprehensive Diameter Signaling Service, designed to help alleviate the challenges LG U+ will face while transitioning to an all IP network by offering robust scalability, interoperability, security, routing, flexible mediation, and subscriber roaming management.

Dong-Yeol Shin, Director of IR, LG U+ said “With the expectations for 4G services rapid growth, it became crucial for LG U+ to partner with a proven and established leader in the development of a centralized IPX services for managing LTE, signaling, and roaming control. By working with Aicent we are able to quickly and easily implement an end-to-end managed solution that simplified roaming interconnects allowing for a positive user experience.”

Jonny Kwon, General Manager Asia Pacific, Aicent, Inc. said “With explosive growth of LTE, it has become imperative for LG U+ and their position as a significant mobile operator in South Korea, to implement a powerful LTE roaming solution to support their subscribers’ increasing expectations for continuous access to 4G based applications while traveling abroad concurrently minimizing interworking complexities and maximizing revenue opportunities.”~

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