Posted: September 24, 2015

3G-4G Licensing S.A. (belonging to the Sisvel Group) has acquired more than 400 patents and patent applications from Orange S.A..

The acquired portfolio covers technologies used in a wide range of mobile communications devices and services. Thirty-seven out of the sixty five acquired patent families have been declared essential to various mobile communication standards before the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The remaining twenty eight families include implementation patents in the field of the mobile communications technology.

“We are very proud to have acquired this unique patent portfolio,” noted Thomas Hartmann, Director of 3G-4G Licensing S.A.. “3G-4G Licensing S.A. is committed to continue making the LTE patents available through Sisvel’s LTE patent pool, and we will also ensure easy access to the other segments of the portfolio to all companies interested in implementing these patented technologies.”

“This transaction is a major operation to protect the value created by our innovation teams. This deal is going to provide added value to Orange and the mobile handsets market by offering a simplified process to acquire licensing rights for a wide set of technologies at FRAND conditions. We are delighted to work with an European intellectual property player with such a successful track record. Sisvel has been a pro-active business partner for licensing Orange patents since 1996, when we joined the Mpeg Audio patent pool” indicated Thierry Souche, Senior Vice President, Orange Labs Products & Services.

The portfolio acquired from Orange includes LTE patents that have been contributed by Orange to Sisvel’s LTE patent pool. These specific patent rights remain available under the terms and conditions of that pool (detailed information can be found on, while the other patent rights related to 3G/4G technology but not included in Sisvel LTE/LTE-A pool will be licensed through separate licensing programs.

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