4G Videos

Designing the 5G unified air interface – video from Qualcomm

April 7, 2016

Members of the 5G team at Qualcomm Research describe how they are designing a 5G […]

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Paving the path to 5G with LTE Advanced Pro – video from Qualcomm

April 6, 2016

Qualcomm is paving the path to 5G today with a rich roadmap of advancements called […]

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5G Seminar at Mobile World Congress 2016 from Ericsson

April 4, 2016

5G Seminar at Mobile World Congress 2016 by Ericsson.

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Smart Cells for Smart Enterprises – video from NEC

March 23, 2016

NEC’s smart cells enable a whole range of new business applications for smart enterprises. Costa […]

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5G Network 2020 and Beyond – video from NEC

March 22, 2016

Dr Xinjie Yang, RAN Strategist at NEC Europe sets out the company’s vision for 5G, […]

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