4G Videos

5G at Europe Summit – video

February 16, 2014

5G – The Future of Wireless This high-level workshop on the future of Europe’s mobile [...]

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Extending LTE Advanced to unlicensed spectrum – video from Qualcomm

December 3, 2013

LTE is the common global 4G standard for paired (FDD) and unpaired (TDD) licensed spectrum. [...]

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LTE Air Interface Webinar – AIRCOM International

November 18, 2013

This second webinar discusses LTE Air Interface, the link between a mobile device and the [...]

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Vodafone launches first New Zealand 4G service with Nokia Solutions and Networks – interview

October 31, 2013

Heather Ross-Sirola from Nokia Solutions and Networks talks with Sandra Pickering (CTO) and Tony Baird [...]

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Lessons Learnt Transitioning from TDM to LTE – video from Aviat Networks

October 17, 2013

Network Solutions Architect, Hadi Choueiry, talks about his experiences migrating customer networks from TDM to [...]

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